Rakkräm Cederträ och Sandalträ+ Razorock safety razor Old Type

425 kr

Razorock safety razor old type

RazoRock Old Type säkerhetshyvel är modellerad efter den klassiska öppna kamdesignen och är den perfekta balansen mellan mildhet och effektivitet. Den öppna kamdesignen påminner till 100% om klassiska vintagehyvlar, om än lite omarbetade, och det vackra tvådelade kromhuvudet fäst vid ett robust, helt räfflat 82 mm handtag kompletterar utseendet. Om du är ett av babymjuk rakhyvel erbjuder Old Type nästan samma effektivitets- och balansegenskaper.
Huvudmaterial: förkromad zinklegering
Handtagsmaterial: SS316L stål
Handtagsdiameter x längd: 12mm x 82mm



Made in U.K


Sweyn Forkbeard shaving creams will make you forget about nicking yourself, getting razor burns and dry skin after shaving.

Luxury Shaving Cream Cedarwood & Sandalwood will give you a rich and creamy lather even if you whip it up with your fingers. We use only 100% organic oils and butters, which will not only lather up to soften your hair before shaving but will also create a protective layer over your skin.
Sweyn Forkbeard Luxury Shaving Cream Cedarwood & Sandalwood will let you experience an outstanding glide of the razor. It will also shield your skin from cuts and irritation, while you enjoy the closest and cleanest shave of your life.

It is not the sort of scent you will grow tired of either. Our bittersweet woody blend of 100% organic Cedarwood and Sandalwood essential oils is the most popular choice among shaving enthusiasts like you.

You will receive Sweyn Forkbeard Luxury Shaving Cream Cedarwood & Sandalwood in a 150ml / 5.3oz jar. You can apply our shaving cream using either a shaving brush or your fingers. We recommend you to use a shaving brush. It will produce a better lather, lift the hair off your skin, and gently exfoliate dead skin.

Wet your face and damp your shaving brush. Put an almond-sized amount of our shaving cream on your brush. Using a swirling motion, lather the cream across the area to be shaved. Shave as usual, and once finished wash your skin and tools with warm water. For the best experience after shaving, apply our Aftershave Balm or Cooling Aftershave Gel.
Using more than an almond-sized amount of our shaving cream will not result in a better shave, you will only make a mess and waste the cream. For the best control over the lather, you can prepare it in a shaving bowl.

Sweyn Forkbeard Luxury Shaving Cream Cedarwood & Sandalwood is 100% organic. We do not use chemicals, alcohols, parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances or colours. Hence, this shaving cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Luxury Shaving Cream Cedarwood & Sandalwood consists of Aqua, Organic Butters (Shea & Mango), Organic Oils (Apricot Kernel, Coconut Oil & Avocado), Palm Free Vegetable Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Emulsifying Wax, Silk Peptide Protein, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, and Ethylhexylglycerin. It is scented with 100% organic Cedarwood & Sandalwood essential oils.

Sweyn Forkbeard shaving creams are handmade in small batches by our master blender based in London, UK. They are also vegetarian and vegan friendly. We are an environmentally conscious brand using only ethically sourced 100% organic ingredients. We do not test our products on animals.

You will forget about skin irritations using our 100% organic shaving cream.



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